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Ghost Hunting


There will definitely be some of this.


Investigate alongside Paranormal Industry Leaders from around the world!

We’re proud to provide a platform for the most influential voices in the paranormal world to share their investigative styles, expertise and insights. Check out our full roster of talent below to learn more about what’s in store. Save your spot by signing up today!


Patti Negri

Good Witch of Hollywood

Patti Negri is a Psychic-Medium and Good Witch best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel's #1 show "Ghost Adventures." Her newest episode is part of the Discovery Channel's streaming service launch. Patti is the international best-selling author of "Old World Magick for the Modern World: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques to Balance, Empower, & Create a Life You Love." Patti was voted #1 psychic, medium, trance medium, tarot reader, witch/ magickal practitioner in the world in an internationally recognized competition by Times Square Press. Patti is the host of her popular podcast THE WITCHING HOUR and can be heard on nationally syndicated radio with Adam Corolla, Jason Ellis, Mancow Muller, and Coast to Coast with George Noory.

The Haunted Side

Northern Nevada | Oklahoma

Paranormal investigators Patrick McQueary and Jason Spencer travel to some of the most haunted places in America and document their findings. Their ghostly adventures are featured on their popular YouTube channel as well as being featured on Travel Channel's 'Paranormal Caught On Camera'.

Natalie Haunted Hill House.jpg

Natalie Jones


Natalie Jones is a metaphysical lecturer and also lead navigator of Ghosthunter Girls, created by Natalie herself. Natalie is also published author of Awaken the Higher Self: Bringing Darkness to Light (BMK Publishing). The Little Secret Book of Life coming soon. She is a Reiki Master and has spent her life preparing for a calling and soul mission to help others as a Dark Energy Healing Facilitator through working with and understanding different energies with a universal approach, teaching healing from within, and holds the Melchizedek priesthood to give blessings

The New Reality

Southern California

Investigators and former paranormal podcasters Cody Dare and Shawn Warren bring attitude and evidence to the field as they travel the country seeking out some of the best evidence ever captured on film. Their top-tier investigations have been featured on YouTube and ParaFlixx. 


The Dead Hours

Southern Nevada

Join your host (and future ghost with the most), Vivian Noir, as she dives into the mysteries behind cults and the macabre as well as famous cases of true crime, murder and the unexplained.

Ghost Club Paranormal

Southern California

Ghost Club is exploring Americas most haunted locations! Join Jade and her spooky friends on a vlog style journey to find compelling evidence of the paranormal.

Gavin and Paula Kelly PR Shot.png

Phantasmic Ghost Hunters


Gavin Kelly and Paula Purcell Kelly are the Owner and Co-owner of In the Shadows Entertainment Group, not to mention a power duo! Their production company creates and produces made-for-TV paranormal shows. You may have seen a few of their shows such as “The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown” released to Amazon as a new original series on October 31st, 2017 or perhaps one of their trailers for upcoming releases. Gavin and Paula traveled all over the Southeast researching, investigating, documenting and filming. Filming a variety of locations including hospitals, schools, jails, prisons, churches, and battlegrounds. In season 1 of “The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown” Gavin tried his hand hosting further proving he’s a jack of all trades. As the duo started reviewing the abundance of footage, they quickly realized they’d filmed enough episodes to expand to seasons 2, 3, and 4. At which point Gavin and Paula extended their travels to all over the United States at that time in search of untold stories and new locations.


War Party Paranormal

South Florida

We are team of advanced technical investigators in the area of paranormal research based in South Florida. Innovative in research and development of our own equipment and the use of the latest technology available in the field.

DSC_0516 (2).jpg

Central Utah Paranormal

Central Utah

Central Utah Paranormal is a free service that serves those experiencing hauntings within their home or business. We also investigate Historical Sites, Outdoor locations, and offer phone/zoom consultations to clients in other states.


Hollywood Paranormal Detectives

Hollywood, CA

HPD is a group of paranormal detectives investigating out of Southern California. We all work in the entertainment industry. We have musicians, a legendary FX artist, and even a former WWE wrestler. Together we search for ghosts, aliens, Bigfoot, lake monsters, anything bizarre and unexplained.

Entity Seven Paranormal


Joseph Vitale "Joe" is an American paranormal investigator, musician, former indie wrestler, Producer, and, content creator. Joe first entered the paranormal field after having a dark and intense experience with the unknown. In late 1994 Joe began his journey to find answers to the unknown and help those who experience paranormal activity. With hundreds of cases under his belt, Joe specializes in attachments and dark haunting cases. Joe Vitale has appeared on Travel Channel's, Kindred Spirits, Co-Produce/Investigator in Amazon Prime Video, The paranormal Journey Into The Unknown, Joe Vitale is also Executive Producer and Investigator for, The Harrisville Haunting: The real Conjuring House. 

Supernatural Eye

South Florida

Francesca Garcia, better known as Supernatural Eye, had a fearful encounter when she was 12 years old, which later led her to pursue a degree in psychology to see if she can scientifically explain what was going on with her. After college, Francesca has investigated dozens of haunted locations. More notably, Alcatraz, The Winchester House, St. Augustine Lighthouse and many more. Francesca dared to publicize her years of work and created her own YouTube channel known as Supernatural Eye. War Party Paranormal later discovered her work and she became a member on the team. The rest is history in the making. Supernatural Eye is looking forward to helping the living and the dead with her team War Party Paranormal!


Chasing the Darkness Paranormal

New York City, NY

UFC Fighter, Urban Explorer and Paranormal Investigator Levy Reyes takes us along on his many ghostly encounters in some of the most beautiful and haunted locations around the U.S. He has been featured on Paranormal Caught on Camera and posts regular investigations on his YouTube channel. 


Guest Turned Ghost Hunter:
PEX Success Team Spotlight


Weeping Willow Paranormal


Reese and Kassy are paranormal investigators from Southern Ontario, Canada. Their goal is to research and document the paranormal. They have a passion for the unknown.

Event Sponsors

Working together to bring guests one of the newest and hottest events for fans of the paranormal.

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ParaFlixx Paranormal + 

PARAFlixx paranormal+, a universal streaming network platform for original and licensed series, documentaries, film, and production creators of the Paranormal, Supernatural, Cryptid, UFO, Extra-terrestrial, Universe & Beyond, Thriller, Horror & similar genres.


Melody Hoover Photography

Melody Hoover has several years of training and experience in capturing those specials moments in life that do not have the luxury of a "do over". PEX 2022 is going to be one of those moments.

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